A Time to Sell Diamonds

Published: 27th August 2010
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Most girls would prefer to buy, rather than to sell diamonds. Diamond jewelry and accessories have fascinated women of all ages and countries. Many a romantic novel and poem have been dedicated to the value of these glittering stones. A man's love for a woman is often measured by the number of carats he puts on her ring finger, and a woman often stands out among her peers by the sheer number of the diamonds she wears. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Unfortunately, investment diamonds don't glitter half as much as gold. When you finally decide to sell diamonds, you will find that you don't get back nearly as much as you or your beloved shelled out for them. What you do get when you sell diamonds is the appreciated value of the gold in which they were set. The appreciation in value in most of our jewelry is due to the gold in which it was set, and not the diamonds themselves.

Coming to the matter of investment, large diamonds above one carat are far better as an investment than the smaller stones. In fact, very small diamonds have little or no resale value after being set. So if you are buying with the intent to sell diamonds at a later date, look for larger stones. Color, Cut, Carats, and Clarity all go toward making the value of a diamond what it is. Unfortunately, most people cannot make out the quality of diamond and end up purchasing something worth very little in the resale market. It is important to buy and sell in the same shop to maximize one's investment, as most sale deeds include a buy back clause. Sellers often include a certificate of quality with the diamond bill, which can be an important proof of its worth. The new crop of man-made diamonds often rival real diamonds in luster and are difficult to make out as artificial, except by professionals.

Much like in the case of diamonds, all gold is not created equal. Gold bars are the best form of investment in physical gold and not gold jewelry.

Necklaces and rings often contain large amount of impurities and cause a lot of the metal to be wasted when they are reconverted into another object. This is usually deducted from the price of the ornament when selling it. Unless the primary reason for purchase is beautification, it is best to consider electronic or paper gold. Gold bars can be difficult to store and leave you vulnerable to burglary. The price of gold has doubled in the past few years proving it to be one of the best investments in recent times.

When considering metal and diamonds as investments, find a company or jeweler that has the necessary testing tools to determine the correct value of the stone or metal being appraised. There are various testing tools and equipments that can tell the metals comprising a piece are, as well as their respective percentages. These machines are expensive and not accessible to all pawn shops and small jewelers. It is, therefore, best to approach experts and not trust the sale of your precious metals or gems to just anybody. They are specifically in the business of purchase and sale of these items and will offer the best appraisal possible.

Nobody really expects to sell diamonds in their own lifetime. They hope to wear and treasure them and maybe even pass them down to their daughters and daughters-in-law. It is important to understand that investments are better than outright expenses. A medium-sized diamond loses value the moment a bill is made out in your name. An intricate piece of jewelry in gold or silver suffers the same fate, much like a car or appliance. In the past, women collected ornaments like these because they needed security and did not have access to mutual funds, bank accounts, or even an independent ability to spend.

Things have changed and it is important for every buyer to see value in high-value purchases. Nobody expects a return on a toy bought for a child, but the expectations are no longer the same for real estate or metal and gemstones. Buy quality, buy with care. These things of beauty can bring joy and look after you in your old age.

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